Risk Everything to Swipe the ULTIMATE Stash from Your Friends.

Ferret Frenzy is a frenetic card game for people who like taking big bets, baiting friends, and flaunting the biggest stash.

And of course, ferrets.

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An Addicting & Raucous Addition To Game Night

It's an all out frenzy to stash as many THINGS as possible. But between you and your dream hoard are other greedy players... and you're a hopelessly narcoleptic ferret.

Multiple Ways To Enact Mischief

FERRET FRENZY was carefully designed to be a perfect balance between the thrills of pushing your luck, outwitting others, and manipulating chance.

Easy To Learn, Thrilling To Play

Draw As Many You Dare, Just Avoid Drawing A SNOOZE!

Play Special Cards To Sabotage & Fatten Your Stash.

Gamble Your Cards Against Other Player's Risky Plays

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So Adorable You Just Might Explode

Gorgeously illustrated by the talented ferret-lover Aubry Joi, Ferret Frenzy is the colorful and brightly designed minimalist party game that's been missing in your collection.

How To Play:

You and your friends play as mischievous ferrets, taking turns ransacking the house for THINGS to add to your carefully curated collection. But exploring is hard work, and if you doze off before you stash your hoard, you'll wake up to a cleaned room.

*Expect Some Squealing

"Wait - wait, ONE more game!"

We spent the last 2 years meticulously crafting a gaming experience that is thrilling, memorable, replayable, and most importantly, fun! It's exciting and accessible whether you're new to the world of party games, or a seasoned gamer. 

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